VI International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Reading and Literacy in Education and Culture: Letter in Number”


Dear friends!

The mission of the Russian Reading Association is to disseminate reading and literacy, therefore the words “reading” and “literacy” are always in the names of our conferences, as well as the main areas of activity of our participants are education and culture.
We held 5 international scientific and practical conferences devoted to various aspects of reading and literacy, a large number of seminars, round tables, and master classes. Over 20 years of work, we decided to dwell on the permanent title of the conference: “Reading and Literacy in Education and Culture” and refine it, supplementing with the topics of the issues discussed. So, in 2001 these were general issues of psychology, pedagogy and sociology of reading, in 2009 - the results of the 10th anniversary of the project “School where literacy flourishes”, in 2012 - the results of the UN Literacy Decade “Literacy for all”, in 2015, participants the conferences discussed the research of young scientists in the field of reading and literacy - “New names in the new century”, in 2017 we held an anniversary conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the RAC. The Sixth Conference (2020) is called metaphorically: “Letter in number”
Our conferences are always multifaceted and multifaceted. They are diverse in terms of participants and forms of professional communication. We use traditional (plenary and breakout sessions, lectures, seminars, round tables, symposia, master classes) and introduce new forms of meetings (Reading Institute), present interesting projects, create conditions for professional cooperation of participants outside the conference, provide them with valuable materials and encourage award-winning reading support and development.
The purpose of the conferences is to learn from each other, to expand the circle of those who like to read and share knowledge and skills. The exchange of opinions taking place among specialists from various fields - teachers, librarians, psychologists, sociologists, linguists, publishers and book distributors - contributes to the growth of professionalism of participants and the spread of innovative experience.
Our conferences are always professional development important for professional and career growth of their participants.
Over many years of work, conference participants have become like-minded people and friends who need to communicate not only in an official setting. Therefore, the professional part of the events is always supplemented by a well-thought-out cultural program: excursions, visits to theaters and exhibitions, etc. We can spend time together interestingly and meaningfully!
We are waiting for you at our conference!
Organising Committee